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Solstice Rhyme for the Unborn Frees December 7, 2007

Posted by journeywomanchi in Liberation Poems.

Lifting up the
heavy load of
colonial domination
of my Afrikan mind,
I find myself free –
just the way I was born.

maintained in my position
as matriach –
this is the truth as
I know it.

I don’t sit no more
for many scores and years
have lapsed since
We last had a
paradigm shift
so with every talent
I have,
I remain upright
in order to uplift
to mimick the
earth’s plantonic drifts
Climates changing
is the primary reason for sharing

The gifts given.
Giving thanks to the heavens
by actively being
the remembrance I live –
the strength to keep
me working harder,
feeling braver
in balance
for I’m no messiah
just a healer
growing higher
in my power
My un-clocked over strides
are worth much more
than time and a half
because I do it for
the unborn frees –
the coming of the
blessed in breeze
is the prize that
my third eye sees
for a new generation to
one by one rise,
I elevate in vision
to describe
what is shown:
poetry in motion
is my home grown
recipe to becoming wise

Even admist the lies of
the military industrialized
(and other televised seductions)
I educate to translate
the truth hidden
between the line of
corporate sponsored
Experts endorsed statistics
to keep me in check –
but I’m free, didn’t you hear?
I got the foot
off my neck

Intellectualizing my rhythm –
I reinvent my rhyme
scholarly dissecting,
I’m learning to
translate my style

Documented citations
of the under-exposed
I re-echo their voice –
exercising my brain
so as to reach untapped
cerebral corridors

To improve insights
I use all my spiritual might –
leaping higher
to complete the ritual of
vision unblurring


Stirring and stirring
I’m calling
on new ancestors
for guidance
in this chosen role
as a liberation traffic
directing all back

Fannon and Diop
Nkrumah and Senghor
DuBoise and Biko
Zik – I call you!
Mamas Harriet and Truth
Fannie Lou, Rigoberta Menchu
I adore you!
From the living to the dead
Your heart works are my stead-
so I salute you.
Free as I am,
I’m indebted to our clan

So, on this truth I stand
tall like the Iroko tree
Living and being
for our unborn frees.