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I am an African April 14, 2008

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I am an African –DSC00194.JPG
Not just because of politics
Or Pan African alliances
Not just because of thoughts
or even the language I think in

I am an African.

So let this truth sink in:
It is my birth rite consummated DSC00199.JPG
by skin
a spiritual connection
to an origin that predates
temporary melanin.

I am an African.

I refute all who mock
my involuntary compliance to
post-colonial structural status quoDSC00202.JPG
as a rebellion without cause
a lamentation without pain
a subject of a kingdom whose reign
appears to be divine.
So, if stating that

I am an African

is a crime,
then be prepared to jail and convict me
I, the captain of my soul,
Pronounce my Africanness
completely and succinctly
And although I speak in the language
Of those who have tried to kill me
My tongue does not betray

I am an African

Hear me,
Feel me,
See me
This African that is me
gets stronger each day.
So as I shed dead skin trapped
by the memory loss of my origin.
I’ll say it again and again,

I am an African.

I say what I say how I say
With the knowledge that incantations
Are birthed with intention
And not mere intonation
So when I say without reservation,

I am an African.

I say it from a place deeper
Than my voice box –
A place located more obscurely
than the cerebral corner of my brain
that itches to write its truth
I say it in a rhythm stronger than
ears drums are equipped to handle
I say it to those who also know like I do
Those who share these same African values
I say:

I am an African and so are you!



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