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Praise to Infinity May 9, 2008

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My mind is moving a mile a minute
so I can feel it…
so I can kiss the inconsistencies
and consummate my DNA
with the unexpected –
the undetected,
unaccounted calculations
that teach that true math is

I am divinity.

The truth is that life is
endless possibilities
of existence.
And being is a lesson
of expressing.

With each beat pattern of
rhyme and reason,
there is mission,
a teaching.

Let me be clear:

It is not up to governed,
polished policies
if I live or die,
if I breath or subside
or ride the coastal tides that
brought my bloodline to physicality.

In actuality,
it is not my condition
that suggests
revolution –
or insists on solutions
or creates innovation.

It is my spirit –
the only potion that’s in it
to win it.

No equation without
my immortal self
will ever free me!
no recipe without the salt
of my tears,
the rage of my fears,
the wear and tear
of the years
will sooth the agitation
that knows that
things must change.

It is not even my brain
that analyzes half lies
from full ones
or knows the difference
between bondage and
or lives in contractions
so I can grow beyond them.

It is not by will
and might
that I fight oppression,
dethrone deception
or speak with conviction.

It is my chi –
the lesson that
Africa gifts me
and opens my three eyes
so I can see
and be more beauty
more light
more passion –
no fright
more open and sure
more loving
more adoring

more larva pouring
and oozing to please
so she’ll bless me –
caress my heat
so I can form fertile ground
and grow something
out of this pain
of thousands dying in Burma
or millions starving in Sudan,
or target practice in Iraq
or the crucifiction of Iran.

Of the Niger-Delta crisis
and many industrialized complexes,
or our heroes locked up,
or our children feeling stuck
or rising gas prices
that beg the unanswered question
of development
that if this is progress
then compared to what?

Of the anomaly of AIDS
or DC police jump-out raids

I remember Bandong –
black and brown freedom songs.
I remember that we’re not right
and so something is wrong.

I concede to the unknown,
The mystery of truth.
I am humble to humanity –
the exposure of our youth.
And as my mind
races a mile a minute,
this humility is my
my remembrance that
come rain or shine
life is.