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Prayer to the Four Directions July 13, 2008

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Hear me
Great spirits of
the four directions.
Hear this cry for justice
for it is the hour,
the moment of processing
that sings this poetic incantation
to bring forward beauty.

Like the lotus in mucky waters,
hear the sweetness of my prayer
emerge from the sour of my pain
engaged in the rage
of the world I was born in.
I ask for help to transcend it.
I ask for help to find centering
in the chaos so I can end it –
Arrest the captivating confusion
and find clarity to unbend it.
Listen for the answers
and believe the ancestors when they send it.

Hear me
Great spirits of
the four directions.
The north for wisdom.
The south for the voice to speak truth.
The east for the path.
The west for the courage to walk through.

In this circle of completion,
hear my cry for connection –
the desire to bridge broken worlds
and the hope to unify
our disconnected lamentation.
Recharge the tides that washed
us through the Atlantic ocean
and the airwaves that carried
the sankofa prophecy
in the form of aviation.

To ensure proper navigation,
bless our minds with the
remembrance that our task
is reactivation.
Help us to remember
that what we’ve lost is
spiritual motivation.
And what we must regain is
the sight from the blurring of colonization.

Hear me
Great spirits of
the four directions.
That I may know
the wisdom of the Igbo
and the knowledge of the Iroquois.
That I may feel the regality of the Yoruba
and the fierceness of the Maya.
That my love for the Cherokee
can walk hand in hand with my
affection for the Akan.
That the spirit of all Bantu
make peace with the
powerful descendants of the Yuan dynasty.
Oh Great spirits!
Help us see that from
the Choctaw to
the Dogon to
the Vedic monarchies –
we all comprise one humanity
with one destiny
and one prophecy.

Hear me
Great spirits of
the four directions.
Hear this prayer.



1. ManyDimensions - February 23, 2010

One of my favorites. wa do .. unegua hold you and yours close. aho.

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