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The Baseline March 26, 2010

Posted by journeywomanchi in Love Poems, Uncategorized.

Emotional floodgates open to pour out the old –

The tainted vision of a misunderstood yesterday…

And now, I’m empty and waiting for a refill.

Like the used up engine of an aging, but stable car,

My body waits to be filled up with premium fossil.

Leaded life lessons of love and lust led to this day.

A day to pause to feel the space between

Breathe in and

Breathe out.

And as all venomous poisons, are released to make

Way for untarnished new blood,

My renewing soul sits in its chrysalis

Allowing for clear thought to precede proper action.

The mind is a playground of farce and fury

And its quest to decipher fantasy from reality,

If lucky, can create a third vision.

Just as the triangle is stabilized by two lines reaching a point,

The logic of the third thought is that of

The grounded observer neither swayed by the subjective

Or possessive

Nor seduced by the pornography of pain

Or the delusion of delight.

Unwedded to outcome or distracted by self-doubt,

It is here that I now empty out and give freely.

I give credit to life lessons as viable credentials,

I give love with no expectation of getting it back.

I give thanks for a day to walk the triangular path –

Striving to reach and support the point.

And the point.

It is the unforgettable, hard-to-calculate sum total

Of 500 years of interrupted development.

Like the investment of a sports fan in the final match,

It is the observation of foul play and justified outrage.

The assured win that follows pain is the point.

It is karma.

It is the logic of the base line of a triangle.

It is my womb nurturing renewed life,

Breathing in and out for more than me…

With pause and reflection that:

All revolutionaries are born.



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