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After the Roses (For Pooja and Vivek on the Wedding Day April 4, 2010) By April 2, 2010

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After the roses,

The thorns of new growth

would have been replaced

by sturdy, steady stem.

Questions of if he’s the one?

Would have been long answered by then.

Worries of who will reach for your hand back

would be tempered by indistinguishable

interlocked fingers tied tight in a ribbon of ten.

And when you laugh,

Like an invisible string

That lingers in mid-air

(interrupted by distance)

His tugged soul will softly smile.

And though life’s journey

has already been seasoned

with miles of trials and tribulations,

new dandelions sprout

to decorate the roots of your

Well-grounded union.

But in the beginning,

Before diapers and bunk beds,

road trips and long nights,

there is fusion forming

in hidden earth

Rising to each occasion,

your love grows an inch –

taking new form

with every upward stretch

to break new ground.

And now,

In the presence of students and teachers

of the long, hard and rewarding road,

Rejoice in the knowledge that

you have found a companion

in seeking truth.

Pray each day that your love

Will bear fruit.

Allow humility to

temper any assumptions

of what should or not be…

And see,

Yes let yourself see

the roses as well as the thorns.

Let your tears and sweat dry

in the wind that tells

that no pain lasts but so long.

In the midst of all

your tickled senses,

breathe in

the perfume of your

perfectly imperfect garden

of flowers and family.

And smile knowing

That you’ve touched his soul.



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