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An African Woman’s Creed May 16, 2010

Posted by journeywomanchi in Liberation Poems, Uncategorized.

I know the power of my womb
As the meeting ground of the
Past and present blending –
Prepared to bring forward new life
on demand.

I know the strength of my love
to nurture more than warm beds
but to fuel the fight of our people.

I know the depth of my pain
that shoots from the base of
the spine to the crown of my head –
Constantly feeling every emotion of
the downtrodden,
ready to sing victory when we win.

I know the joy of forgiveness
that never holds on to sorrow
and refuses to play victim –
gently pushing the heart to expand
and the mind to remember
that all we suffer is
as a consequence of bondage.

I know the voice of my ancestors
that speak through me –
telling me to vision like Harriet
and to hold space like Sojourner.
Urging me to stand firm like Nzinga
and to strategize like Yaa Asantewa.
Teaching me to organize like the Aba women
and to push fist first like the Panthers.

I know the needs of my people
that plead with me to struggle
and join the ranks of those
worthy of being remembered.

I know my worth
as the only being capable
of fulfilling destiny
that Black life will continue on
in order to reclaim
voice, joy, depth, strength, power.



1. J Rev - May 17, 2010

In the last hour, you are my hope

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